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I am a web developer, interested in clean, smart designs and interactivity.

Currently coding in London New York Sydney for Mentally Friendly.

Please take a look around.

Recent Projects

Text Clock.

Typographical Clock.

Another Chrome tab extension, inspired by Qlock. This clock tells the time in English with a hidden easter egg only visible one day a week.

JavaScript 45.9% | HTML 30.2% | CSS 23.9%

Text Clock

Hex Clock.

Lighten up.

The Hex Clock for Chrome replaces your new tab with a 24hr clock and corresponding hex coded background. Seamlessly fading into the next colour every second.

JavaScript 70.4% | CSS 29.6%

Hex Clock


Never lose your friends again.

Bero will guide you to a destination of your choice or if you're lucky enough, a friend who has connected with you. The closer you get, the hotter (redder!) your screen becomes, just follow the arrow.

Ruby 69.8% | JavaScript 21.7% | CSS 8.5%


Tweet in a Bottle. Bubble.

Personally I've never found a romantic message in a bottle written a hundred years ago, or any message in a bottle...

Well, Tweet in a Bottle Bubble allows you to find something similar in the digital sea.

CSS 42.4% | Ruby 34.2% | JavaScript 23.4%

Tweet in a bottle
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A full page parallaxing site built to showcase the curation projects of ALT//SHFT.

JavaScript 94.3% | CSS 5.7%


Untitled Productions

Untitled Productions is a full service video production house, this showcase site was my final project coming out of General Assembly's Front End Web Dev course. The site was live for a year.

JavaScript 96.2% | CSS 3.8%

Untitled Productions

Fanciful Nerd

Just a bit of silly fun with a webcam!

(Only tested in Chrome)

JavaScript 99.6% | CSS 0.4%

Fanciful Nerd

Raspberry Pi Hue Switch

A simple AJAX On/Off light switch for Philips Hue lights running within Chromium and controlled via a touch screen.

It's a bit quicker than fumbling through the app just to turn your lights off!

I'm also in the process of porting this in to a Chrome Extension.

JavaScript 82.6% | CSS 17.4%

Philips Hue Switch


And of course this very site.

Built on Middleman with HAML, SCSS and jQuery.

JavaScript 54.1% | CSS 45.9%



Weatherify takes your local weather conditions and creates a Spotify playlist based on that information.

For example, if your summary is 'Partly Cloudy', Weatherify will create a playlist of tracks containing 'cloudy' in their title.

Ruby 92.0% | CSS 5.8% | JavaScript 2.2%

Sorry, I'm currently in state of: "App crashed".

Thanks Heroku.