I am a full stack web developer, interested in clean, smart designs and interactivity.

Currently available for work in the Sydney area.

Please take a look around.

Recent Projects


My first WDI project, Weatherify takes your local weather conditions and creates a Spotify playlist based on that information.

For example, if your summary is 'Partly Cloudy', Weatherify will create a playlist of tracks containing 'cloudy' in their title.



Have you ever hidden something and guided someone to it by only stating 'hotter' or 'colder' as they moved around? Of course you have!

Bero takes this concept and places it in your hand. Bero will guide you to a destination of your choice or if you're lucky enough, a friend who has connected with you. The closer you get, the hotter (redder!) your screen becomes, just follow the arrow.


Tweet in a Bottle. Bubble.

Personally I've never found a romantic message in a bottle written a hundred years ago, or any message in a bottle...

Well, Tweet in a Bottle Bubble allows you to find something similar in the digital sea.

Tweet in a bottle
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A full page parallaxing site built to showcase the curation projects of ALT//SHFT.


Untitled Productions

Untitled Productions is a full service video production house, this showcase site was my final project coming out of General Assembly's Front End Web Dev course. The site was live for a year.

Untitled Productions

Fanciful Nerd

Just a bit of silly fun with a webcam!

Fanciful Nerd

Raspberry Pi Hue Switch

A simple AJAX On/Off light switch for Phillips Hue lights running within Chromium and controlled via a touch screen.

It's a bit quicker than fumbling through the app just to turn your lights off!

Phillips Hue Switch